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Double head galvanometer fiber transmission laser welding machine

Double head galvanometer fiber transmission laser welding machine

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Product name: Double-headed galvanometer fiber transmission laser welding machine Double-headed galvanometer fiber transmission laser welding machine

Product model: CM-HJZ2-YFZ400

The optical fiber transmission galvanometer laser welding workbench (dual optical path) adopts imported optical fiber line transmission, and the laser can realize multi-fiber output at the same time. With the double-head high-speed scanning galvanometer, the spot is uniform and the welding effect is good. Through energy spectroscopy or time spectroscopy, simultaneous welding or time-sharing welding can be realized, and automatic welding or semi-automatic welding can be realized according to user needs. The operation is simple and the user's labor cost is greatly saved.

Double head galvanometer fiber transmission laser welding machine

Performance characteristics:

1. Industrial PC control, can be equipped with various types of galvanometer welding heads.

2. The overall structure is small and exquisite, the installation configuration is flexible, and it can be configured on a variety of special workbenches and production lines. Scanning galvanometer welding machine

3. The workbench reserves an extended external control IO interface, which can be used with software programming to realize fixture automation control and complete remote automation operations.

4. The software is convenient and simple to use, with powerful welding graphics customization function, and import graphics drawn by AutoCAD, COREDRAW and other drawing software

5. Through energy splitting or time splitting, simultaneous welding or time-sharing welding can be realized.

6. Compared with the traditional hard light path output system, it can increase the freedom of processing, and can perform multi-beam simultaneous processing and multi-station processing, which provides conditions for more precise welding.

7. Dedicated automatic tooling fixtures can be customized to achieve mass production of products. Handheld laser welding machine

Application range:

Used in offline/online welding of mass production companies in electronics, communications, hardware and other industries, including welding of precision parts such as weldable microelectronic components, integrated circuit leads, high-power diodes, types of batteries, mobile phone shields, metal mobile phones High-efficiency laser spot welding or sealing welding of shells, metal capacitor shells, computer hard drives, micromotors, sensors, metal shielding nets, razor blades and other types of electronic products.

Double head galvanometer fiber transmission laser welding machine

Technical Parameter

Equipment model



Laser type/wavelength

ND: YAG Fiber/1064nm

Welding range

100 × 100mm (standard)

Output power (W) energy spectroscopy

Output power 400W

Average output power of single head is 200W

Output power (W) time division light

Output power 400W

Output power 400W

Output optical path

Standard 1 way

Double light 2-way

Repeated positioning accuracy

0.003 mm

Maximum energy of single electric pulse (J)


Power stability (average power)

< 2%

Pulse width


Pulse frequency

≤ 50hz

Spot welding speed

≤ 50 points/s

Minimum focusing spot diameter

0.2-0.4 mm

Spot size

0.02 +2.5 mm

Control system

Special welding software for galvanometer

Cooling system

External water cooler

Electricity requirement

380V ± 15%/50Hz


Xenon lamp, filter element, protective lens, argon, water, electricity

External automation interface

Can be customized according to automation requirements

Note: The company reserves the right to change the above parameters. If you have special requirements for the machine, we can customize it, welcome to call to discuss.

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