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Gantry type fiber continuous laser welding machine

Gantry type fiber continuous laser welding machine

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Product Name: Gantry Type Fiber Continuous Laser Welding Machine

Product Description: 

The gantry type fiber continuous laser welding machine is suitable for automatic welding of crane beams, steel structures, and other large plates. The gantry welding machine adopts a gantry type welding structure. The gantry moves to perform longitudinal seam welding on the workpiece. The optical fiber automatic gantry welding machine, It can complete the fillet welding and the automatic welding of the longitudinal seam of the flat plate butt, with convenient operation and high production efficiency. Optical fiber transmission automatic laser welding machine

Gantry type fiber continuous laser welding machine

Performance characteristics:

1. Four-axis motion structure, full servo drive system.

2. The whole machine adopts coaxial CCD teaching and programming system.

3. It can realize double-station switching processing, save the processing time of loading and unloading, and comprehensively improve the processing efficiency of the equipment. Automatic continuous laser welding machine

4. The workpiece can move on a plane trajectory, and it can be welded, straight, circle, square, or any plane figure composed of straight lines and arcs, and its tightness;

Application scope:

Widely used in advertising industry, door and window industry, metal workpieces, hardware industry, auto parts, battery industry, bathroom industry, glasses industry, kitchen and bathroom industry, home appliance industry, motor industry, instrumentation, mold industry, handicraft industry, household goods industry , Furniture industry, auto parts industry, etc.

Gantry type fiber continuous laser welding machine

technical parameter


CW fiber laser

Laser wavelength

1070nm ± 5nm m

Laser mode

Single mode

Mode of work


Output power




Power regulation range


Power instability

≤ 2%

Core diameter of transmission fiber

50um, 100um

Minimum spot

0.2 mm

Optical fiber length


Work schedule

4-axis, 5-axis

Cooling mode

Water cooling


Water, electricity, protective lenses

Use environment

Clean and dust-free, without source, 13 ℃-28 ℃, humidity 5%-75%

Electricity requirement

AC220V ± 10%

External automation interface

Can be customized according to automation requirements

The product may be upgraded at any time, or the configuration may be changed according to the user's application. The above content may not exactly match the product, and the actual product shall prevail.

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